Q. I just found out about Troop 7, where can I get more information?

     A. We have a welcome letter which gives a more thorough explanation about us (found under

         the forms link). You can also use this website, or send us an email through the contact link.

Q. Can a parent participate in any event?

    A. We run an open troop and any parent is invited to participate in any event. However,

         there could be additional costs for you to participate.

Q. How do I find out if an event has been canceled due to inclement weather?

    A. In the event of inclement weather, we will send emails to everyone and post a notice on the

        website. We make every effort to give a 24 hours notice. 

Q. Why am I paying for National and Local Dues?

    A. National dues pay for the National organization, which includes insurance. Local dues

        pay for awards, equipment, materials, and routine expenses. We try to keep local  

        dues to a minimum.

Q. Cost is an issue for my family. Can the troop help us financially with joining or special


    A. Cost should NOT be a factor for joining or participating. Please see a leader to

        privately discuss your situation.

Q. We are not christians, can my son(s) still join? 

    A. Anybody can join regardless of faith. 

Q. Are my kids safe, since I may not know the adult leaders?

    A. All registered adults have been approved by Our Savior's Lutheran Church, which is

        our sponsoring organization. They have signed a statement of faith, and undergone a

        background check and taken child protective training. There are always two leaders

        present with the boys at all times.

Q. What things do you do as a troop?

    A. We do many activities, including, but not limited to: camping, hiking, service projects,

        baseball games, STEM events, indoor-rock climbing, laser tag, etc. We typically try to do

        one special event a month.

Q. Does the troop have a lot of fundraisers?

    A. We have 3-4 fundraisers a year. These help us to keep the cost of dues to a minimum and to

        subsidize the boys for events. We also use the money to purchase needed equipment.

Q. What type of fundraisers do you do?

    A. We do one day events, such as our BBQ Dinner,and we also do door-to-door sales.

Q. What is the "Big Event"?

    A. Every year we do a big trip! Some examples include the New England Aquarium, NYC Bronx

        Zoo, Museum of Natural History, and this year the USS Massachusetts in Boston. 

Q. Are you a boy led group?

    A. Being a boy led group is one of our core values in order to offer leadership opportunities. We

        strive to grow the boys into becoming young men. 

Q. Are you only limited to grades K - 8?

    A. We will expand the program to grades 9-12 as boys of that age express interest in the


Q. How can I find out more information about how the troop, as an organization, runs?

​    A. We have a monthly committee meeting where we discuss immediate and long- term items. All

        parents are welcome to attend these meetings.

Q. What does a typical troop meeting comprise of?

    A. We open with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Then we learn something new followed by

        a Bible story/lesson which coincides with our monthly theme. We end the meeting with games

        and snack. You are welcome to come to any meeting to check us out.

Q. How do I sign up and pay for events?

    A. Every Trail Life unit has access to a website called TroopTrack. This is a private website with

        password protection. All our events are posted on this site with a link to RSVP and pay for

        events using a credit card. You can also pay by cash or check to our treasurer. 

​Q. How do you track advancement?

    A. Each trailman has a packet of advancement cards, which is marked for participation in

        meetings, events, campouts, etc. Our advancement chair keeps track of each boy's

        accomplishments and purchases awards as needed.

Q. Can I do some advancement work at home?

​    A. Some advancement credit is granted for at-home activities at the discretion of the troop leader. 

Trail Life USA Troop 7